Where is The Name Server?

yesterday, I made up a website for my egg team. as my promise before, I can make a website to promote our product, Smoked salted egg, with Indonesian TLD. But, promise is still promise. I have created this website recently. not on time as my promise, that the website will be online “next week”.

Poor me.. I dont have enough time to done this work on time. my majors study charge me to work hard in study, lab practice, lecture, and organization (that I cant implement some of my ideas).

ah,, finally, I create this website when I was study for exam. only 2 hours to finish it. but, unfortunately, I spent my study time for made it. uh,,

but, I got luck,, my exam is success!! hahhaa… (ngaco).

you can visit the site here : http://ndog.yan9nda.net , join with my brother domain and hosting. hehhee.. this caused by no fund available yet for website. so, I decided to place my web under my bro’s domain and hosting.

why?? because the Hosting Provider D**********h wont give me information about their hosting name server. huuu,,, (I planned to make my own domain, aka addons).

I hope this website is useful and can be marketing weapon..


alah,, ngaco banget…


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