Qumana, Blog Editor Yang Gagal Kuulas,,


just look above. what u see? That doesn’t like a blog editor. that’s an error of Qumana!

FYI, before I post this article, I’ve write a review (some kind like that lah,,) about Qumana, the new Blogging Tool. but, few hours later, when I want to read my own post, there’s something that make me surprise. Where is my article? It doesn’t appear in my frontpage. S**t. (hush, misuh2 ra ilok).

I opened my Qumana. Nothing error found when searching in blog manager (Qumana have this feature). The top article shown that the article was successfully uploaded (published) in my blog. Then, I edited my last article, delete there, insert this, and update post.


nothing change in my blog, except I suddenly received error occur in my Qumana. It said “error publishing post”. What kind of error? “read timed out”.

what?? what does that mean?? The biggest provider for blog is difficult to read???

oh my god! this editor is full extremelly not recommended for you and back to your Live Writer.


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