Google Chrome Extension

after installing a new google chrome, with latest version of google chrome, I decided to install some of google chrome extension. just like firefox that already made some extensions called add ons, google chrome came out with a lot of stuff that make this browser more powerful.

Here we go,,

first thing I did to my chrome was installing a new theme. you can find it through searching on google, or accessing there are many themes you can choose. but, you only can install a theme for your google chrome browser. I install Tiësto created by for my google chrome.

after installing a theme, I looked up for available extensions. you can access the site through new tab, and look a link in the bottom. it has yellow color as background and sentences that google has extensions and bookmark sync. just click the extensions link, and you will directed to chrome extensions(beta) website.

you can choose the extensions that you want based on the most popular, most recent, top rated, and featured.

the most popular extensions is Google Mail Checker. dont install it, unless you have a gmail account. but, I have gmail accounts, and I didnt interested with this extension, since it only show the unread messages.

after the Google Mail Checker are AdThawrt and Google translate. I’ve installed this two extensions. but, I still not get the functionality of AdThawrt and Google Translate yet. I dunno, am I unaware about ads from website, or something else, but I think this extensions will be really useful in next days. How about Google translate?? same as Adthawrt, I haven’t use this extension yet. I think, this will really useful if we browse some website that we don’t familiar with the language.. As far as I know, this extension work like google translate web did. it will translate entire website language to the language that we choose. of course, the result still need more amelioration coz the structure between our language and others language are really different. Must have extension.


google translate (I tried to translate forum)

next extensions are social networking tools. here are several tools I have installed, Chromed Bird, Facebook for Google Chrome and PlurkMate.

Chromed Bird is a Twitter extension that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account. this extensions will show up an fancy popup in ur browser. this popup is not really annoying, since it will quickly disappear after you click outside chromed bird area. this extensions button show up beside the address bar. here are the features of chromed bird : follow your timeline, and navigate through tweets, compose, reply, RT, share, fave, and delete tweets, create short URLs,track read/unread tweets, and notify user about new tweets. Must have extension.

 Chromed bird


Facebook for Google Chrome. This Extension lets you read your Facebook news feed and wall. You can also post status updates. this extension will place it button beside address bar, and will show a popup after you click the button. no notification will appear, doesn’t like chrome bird that notify new tweets. really simple extension to update your and friends status.this extension is auto activated (connected) to your facebook account.  Must have extension.

 Facebook for Google Chrome


PlurkMate. this extension allows you Post new messages from popup and displays the number of unread messages in your Plurk. unfortunately, this extension only allows you to update your status and notify new plurk updates from your friends. nothing more you can do. You may install this extension if you just need to update your plurk status. to activate this extension, you need access the extension option from Chrome’s Tool – extensions.

another not yet reviewed extensions are Aviary and AdBlock.

I’ve tried the AdBlock. AdBlock will removes Facebook ads, Flash animations, and ads from all over the web. but dont worry, you still can access youtube and watch the movie.. (Is youtube using FLash?? LoL). with this extensions, you will see no ads in your facebook page. How about NO ADS will show up while you browsing and read the news. really usefull extension. I think that make the site loading faster than usual..Must have extension.

Aviary Allows you take a screenshot of any webpage and edit it directly in your browser with applications. Plus convenient access to the Aviary website and tools. its also a powerful extensions if you like to save webpage into image. with this extension, you will able to edit the webpage image captured first before you save it to your desktop. the disadvantage of this extension is you will direct first to before you can save the image. this doesn’t like screenshot addons that work in firefox, which can easily save the captured webpages.

wanna try one of the extensions above??


4 responses to “Google Chrome Extension

  1. dump chrome. don’t sell out for shiny.

    upgrade to iron — a superior fork of chromium with function ad BLOCKING not mere hiding as mere chrome offers

    wanna try? it supports those extensions too


    That and google always wants you to be her bitch… Iron is privacy centric

  2. nice info, thanks for sharing.

    silahkan kunjungi untuk mencari thread dengan mudah.

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